Islam's Future & You

A community platform event organized by MAS-Houston

Saturday, December 22 - Monday December 24, 2012.

3 Extraordinary Days. Awe-inspiring Speakers.

  • Uplifting Sessions:

    Renew your iman, learn from some of the most sought after speakers & HAVE FUN doing it!

  • Visit Houston Texas!

    Enjoy the southern hospitality, halal food & our HUGE Muslim community!

  • A Program Centered on YOU!

    We are addressing today's hot topics through an authentic, pragmatic approach that is lead by expert speakers and Islamic Scholars!

  • Day 1: Texas Dawah!

    As a community platform event we take pride in our partnerships: TDC is BACK & to celebrate they designed the first day of the program!

  • This Year’s Theme:

    Islam’s Future & You - We've all heard the saying those who don't plan are planning to fail... Join us as we put our trust in Allah and do our best.

  • Hai'yal Alas Salaah!

    Praying in a large jammat throughout the day is inspiring. So are the beneficial short talks after each prayer!

  • GREAT Deals at Our Bazaar!

    Hard to find items, awesome books Islamic Art, clothes, great gift ideas & MUCH MORE!

  • Youth Programs & Activities!

    Games, learning, new friends and tons to do... we work hard to keep a smile on their faces!

  • Building Community:

    Catch up with old friends & make new ones! As Community Platform Events - Islam & You Conventions bring people TOGETHER!

  • Entertainment Night!

    Hear Maher Zain & Irfan Makki Live while you laugh it up with Preacher Moss!

  • The Qur'an Competition is BACK!

    Brush up on your recitation, because lots of fun and cool prizes are to be had!

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